Gravity Skatwheel Conveyor

Quick Overview

Used when the operation requires a lightweight conveyor section or in order to convey packages that are lightweight.

Product Description

A gravity conveyor moves the load without utilizing motor power sources, usually down an incline or through a person pushing the load along a flat conveyor. A gravity conveyor can utilize skatewheels or full rollers.

Skatewheel Conveyoris made with steel skatewheels mounted on axles to convey product. This is the most economical type of conveyor. It is frequently used for loading trucks with the conveyor set up on removable stands or supports. Skatewheel conveyors are good for items with a smooth, flat bottom. Unlike power conveyor, the load can be wider than your conveyor if centered correctly. Skate wheel conveyors flow better than roller conveyor. A minimum of ten wheels should be positioned beneath your load at any given time.

Gravity conveyorrefers to any unpowered conveyor such as chutes, skate wheel or roller conveyor that either uses the force of gravity to move materials on a downward path or is used in a horizontal application and product is pushed along by the operator.

There are four main types of gravity conveyors: chutes, skate wheel, roller and flexible.Each of the main types of gravity conveyor can be provided of either aluminum or steel construction. The gravity conveyor’s intended use typically dictates what type of construction is desired. As an example, companies often will utilize aluminum construction gravity conveyor for applications that require frequent assembly, disassembly or relocation due to its light weight as compared with similar conveyor of steel construction.

Gravity conveyorscome in a wide variety of sizes and different specifications. Some of the more common uses of gravity conveyors are as follows:

  • Truck/trailer/container loading and unloading
  • Lift gates
  • Order picking
  • Assembly lines
  • Diverts off a sorter
  • Accumulation lines off a sorter
  • Static accumulation 

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