Under Water Conveyors

Quick Overview

A wide choice of options allow Under water conveyors to be customized to suit specific application needs.

Product Description

A wide choice of options allow Under water conveyors to be customized to suit specific application needs. This Submersible Conveyor, used in conjunction with a robot, has an elevated floor stand that raises it to meet the robot release height. Heavy duty castors allow it to be moved easily within the plant.

Water cooling conveyors are an excellent way to cool thick-walled parts as they are being transferred to another conveyor or work station. Customized, flat-to-incline conveyors and water holding tanks provide a soft landing and maximum cooling. Units are available in a wide choice of widths and lengths.

Standard features, such as water connections & outlets for a connection to a chiller system allow water bath conveyors to be easily integrated into almost any production cell. Optional choices such as indexing controls and variable speed belt drive allow it to be easily adjusted to meet specific application needs.

The following choices are availableto meet any application requirements:

  • Catchment Tank With Conveyor
  • Cooling Floating Parts
  • Cooling Submerged Parts
  • Water Spray Cooling
  • Cooling the liquid Temperature
  • Washing Conveyor for Pharma, FMCG, Food Packing line.



Catchment Tank With Conveyor

 The catchment tank Conveyors are widely used in Fully Automatic Wax Injection Moulding Machines to collect wax mould from the machine and convey it to next process. It is also used in Collection of Material from Water Tank, material may be submerged or floating.


·       Tank is available as per customer requirement.

·       conveyor is designed to run inside water layer without trouble.

·       maintenance free conveyor

·       No lubrication required

·       Long life Span

·       pump is provided to re-circulate the water inside tank

·       water jet can be placed for floating material collection.

Cooling Floating Parts

TheFloating Partswater cooling conveyor consists of two stainless steel conveyors and a water bath. Parts are dropped into the water bath. A cleated horizontal conveyor mounted on top of the water tank submerges and moves the floating parts through the water bath to a cleated incline belt, which moves them out of the water to a working height. A sliding sleeve height adjustment with screw knob fastener and positioning pin require no tools to adjust.

  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • V-guided, FDA approved, white PVC belt with, flexible cleats
  • Stainless steel belt lacing
  • Side rails lapped over conveyor belt
  • Sealed stainless steel bearings in cast stainless steel housings
  • Pre-wired, ready-to-run
  • Control wiring contained in liquid-tight conduit and connectors
  • Water holding tank may include optional cooling coils

Cooling Submerged Parts

Under Water Cooling Conveyors for parts that sink. It consists of a stainless steel horizontal to incline, cleated conveyor and a water bath. Parts that sink are dropped into the water bath. The conveyor carries the submerged parts through the water bath and out of the water to a working height. Easy to adjust legs require no tools and allow easy height adjustment.

This type of conveyor is mosd widely used in Foundary and molding industries for coolung of moulded and casted part.

  • Conveyor and water tank are fabricated from 304 stainless steel.
  • Conveyor bearings have cast stainless steel housings
  • PVC belting has stainless steel lacing
  • Cleats are provided with water drain holes
  • A ground fault interrupter is included for safe operation.

Water Spray Cooling

This Wash Tank Conveyor is used to cool parts by spraying them with water as they move along the belt instead of immersing them. Water collected in the tank is drained away and may be re-used.

Cooling liquid Temperature

For parts that need maximum cooling, heat exchangers can be mounted to the sides of water bath conveyors to lower the temperature of the water in the water tank.


Washing Conveyor for Pharma, FMCG, Food Packing line

This type of conveyor also used for washing application. It is most widely used for separation of heavy and light density parts due to their floating and sinking phenomena.

·       Fruits and vegetable washing

·       Container washing

·       Raw material washing and wetting application in Pharma industries

.       separating and cleaning application

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