Drive Roller Conveyor

Quick Overview

Roller Conveyors are basically Rollers mounted on supporting frame at specific spacing actuating with motor.

Product Description

Roller conveyor is suitable for all types of cartons, bags, salvers cargoes’ conveying. It can transport single heavy thing, or can bear more impact load. It has big throughput, high speed, light operation, and let multispecies of shunt delivery from collineation come true. Drive Roller Conveyort can be used in complex logistics conveying system which consists of multiple roller conveyors and other conveyors to reach various craft needs and accumulated conveying of material. Roller conveyor has simple structure, high reliability, and simple maintenance.

Powerised Roller conveyors are imparted movement by electric motor, pneumatic motors or hydraulic motors through gear reducers and chain drive. For large rollers with heavy applications each roller is having individual drive system.

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Roller Conveyors have small to large diameter and width to suit the requirement. It may be noted that the bottom of the material should be fairly flat and even so that it can ride over the roller smoothly.

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